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  • Sewing Along - Quilting & Sewing Events 101 Series

    So far in our Quilting & Sewing Events 101 Series we have touched on Quilting Bee's, Swaps, and Quilting Guilds. Last Week we got to meet Kathreen author of Little Bits Quilting Bee.  Sew-Alongs 101 What is a Sew-Along? A Sew-Along is like a sew-in or sewing party online. People get together usually meeting in one place like flickr, and sew an item based on one pattern together over a period of time. How does a Sew Along work? Usually a hostess picks a pattern and possibly fabric, and then that hostess will post step-by-step photos of the sewing instructions...
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  • Meet Kathreen Ricketson, Author of Little Bits Quilting Bee

    So you may wonder what got me thinking about all these Sewing and Quilting Events? For my birthday my sister bought me Little Bits Quilting Bee by Kathreen Rickteson, founder of  This book has 20 Quilts using Charm Squares, Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, and Fat Quarters. All of these quilts are absolutely fantastic, but one of my favorite things about this book, is that Kathreen explains different Community Quilting events. Reading this section of her book sparked a serious interest in sewing events and caused me to start our Sewing & Quilting Events 101 Series.  Meet Kathreen Ricketson So today...
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  • Modern Quilt Guilds - Quilting & Sewing Events 101 Series

    So far in our Quilting & Sewing Events 101 Series we have touched on two virtual sewing events, Quilting Bee's and Swaps. Today I'd like to talk a little bit about local quilting guilds. What is a Guild? A Quilting Guild is an organized group of quilters who come together locally. The key word here is "Organized" this isn't just an informal group who gets together to sew. Most quilting guilds are a formal non-profit organization with officers, regular scheduled meetings, and a membership with membership dues. The Modern Quilt Guild The traditional quilting guild has changed quite a bit...
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  • Swapping 'til you drop! - Quilting & Sewing Events 101 Blog Series

    Today for the Quilting & Sewing Events 101 Blog Series we will be talking about “swapping ‘till you drop”! Quilting and Sewing Swaps! There are a variety of fun swaps out there: fabric swaps, quilt block swaps, pillow swaps, mini quilt swaps, hexie swaps and more. Quilting & Sewing Swaps 101 What are Swaps? A swap is an event held by a hostess, in which a group of people come together and swap handmade goods or fabric. It's a great opportunity to build a stash, learn new techniques, meet friends, and get super exciting goodies in the mail. Who doesn't...
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  • Quilting Bee's - Quilting & Sewing Events 101 Blog Series

    Today is day one of Quilting & Sewing Events 101 Series here at Pile O' Fabric. And I will be talking about Quilting Bee's! If you are just joining me for this series you can read about the details here. Quilting Bee's 101 What is a Quilting Bee? Quilting Bee's originally started as a social event where a group of quilters would come together and work as a team to complete a quilting project. Commonly, the quilt would be for a special event, such as a wedding gift, charity, etc. This was an easy way to complete quilts quickly, but...
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  • Quilting & Sewing Events 101 Blog Series

    I recently asked all of those who participated in my SMS Giveaway after the event: What are your favorite sewing events to participate in? Blog Hops, Quilt Alongs, Tutorials, Giveaways, Fabric Swaps, Bee's, Block Parties? Thank you so much to those of you who responded! In your responses I noticed a general trend that some have never heard of some of these events. If you haven't heard of them already, there are tons of different weekly, monthly, yearly, sewing events to join all over the online quilting community. When I first read about these events I knew immediately I wanted...
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Welcome to the Pile O’ Fabric blog, my name is Alyssa Lichner, I live in sunny Gilbert, AZ. I am a freelance web and graphic designer turned avid sewist. I write modern quilting tutorials and share techniques and inspiration here at Pile O’ Fabric… Read More

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