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Pre-cut Petal Stabilizer

Pile O' Fabric


These flower petals are perfect for turned-edge applique. They're cut from a wash away stabilizer often used for machine embroidery. Using this type of stabilizer will allow you to glue baste your petals with Elmer's Washable Glue Sticks sew them on to the background. Once the petals are basted there is no need to ever remove them! One pack includes 60 pre-cut petals.

These petals can be purchased in the following sizes:

  • Petal #1: 0.56" x 1.39", four petals will make a 2" circle
  • Petal #2: 0.88" x 2.12", four petals will make a 3" circle
  • Petal #3: 1.02" x 2.47", four petals will make a 3.5" circle
  • Petal #4: 1.16" x 2.81", four petals will make a 4" circle
  • Petal #5: 1.47" x 3.54", four petals will make a 5" circle
  • Technicolor Galaxy Petal: 1" x 2 1/4" made for 2015 BOM quilt

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