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About Fineline® Glue Applicator Tips

Fineline® Glue Applicator Tips from Pile O' Fabric are stainless steel dispensing applicators that use an air-tight, non-clogging Cap Wire closure system to ensure that the applicator is always available for immediate use, and glue or liquids flow smoothly.

These tips can be attached to 4 oz or 7 oz washable school glue bottles and used for glue basting in sewing or crafting. The hard cap protects the stainless steel tip, which makes them great for traveling.

Caring for your Tips

On occasion, disassemble the tip as shown in the diagram. Rinse all pieces with warm water, let dry throughly, and reassemble. Always be sure the stainless steel needle is screwed into the bottle cap tightly.

Multiple Size Tips


Ultra-Fine Tips are perfect for use with thin water-based glues. These are also great tips for application of sewing machine oil.


Regular Tips are the classic and most popular size. These tips apply just the right amount of glue to your projects and work well with multiple types of glue.


Super Tips can be used with multiple types of glue, but are especially helpful when using thicker glues like Liquid Stitch. If you have trouble with arthritis the Super Tips will be much easier on your hands.

Ways to Use The Tips