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La Passacaglia Stabilizer Pieces

from Pile O' Fabric
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These La Passacaglia pieces are laser cut from a wash away stabilizer often used for machine embroidery. Using this type of stabilizer will allow you to glue baste your pieces with a glue stick and either hand or machine sew them together. Once the pieces are basted and sewn there is no need to ever remove the stabilizer pieces! They add a beautiful loft to your project and wash away overtime. The La Passacaglia pattern from the Millefiori Quilts book by Willyne Hammerstein is sold separately in our shop. You can use these pieces along with our Original Size La Passacaglia Rulers to help cut your fabric.

These pieces come in the following sizes:

  • Large Pentagon with 1 1/4" sides
  • Small Pentagon with 3/4" sides
  • 72 degree Diamond with 1 1/4" sides
  • 36 degree Diamond with 1 1/4" sides
  • Isosceles Triangle 1 1/4" sides and 3/4" base

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