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Pre-cut 36-Degree Diamond Stabilizer

from Pile O' Fabric
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These 36-degree diamonds are perfect for english paper piecing. They're cut from a wash away stabilizer often used for machine embroidery. Using this type of stabilizer will allow you to thread baste or glue baste your 36-degree diamonds with Elmer's Washable Glue Sticks and then hand piece them together. Once the 36-degree diamonds are basted there is no need to ever remove them! One pack includes 100 pre-cut 36-degree diamonds.

These 36-degree diamonds can be purchased in the following sizes (based on the length of one side):

  • 1" 36-degree diamonds
  • 1.25" 36-degree diamonds
  • 1.5" 36-degree diamonds
  • 2" 36-degree diamonds
  • 2.5" 36-degree diamonds
  • 3" 36-degree diamonds
  • 3.5" 36-degree diamonds

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