An archive of sewing tutorials and inspiration

Welcome to Pile O’ Fabric

My name is Alyssa Williams, I live in sunny Prescott Valley, AZ. I am a front end developer and avid sewist. I write modern quilting tutorials and share techniques and inspiration here at Pile O’ Fabric

When I was growing up my mom taught me how to use her sewing machine, I was able to sew easy clothing patterns and costumes. In 2006, I purchased my first sewing machine and made my own wedding veil. A few years later, I was at the Pottery Barn shopping for my daughter and saw their beautiful quilts. I was astonished quilts cost $300+, obviously I had no clue how inexpensive that was and the value of a quilt. At that moment, I decided, I would make my daughter and soon to be son their own quilts. Thanks to blogs much like Pile O’ Fabric I was able to learn all the basics of how to quilt. This was by far the most fun hobby I had ever tried, and there was no turning back! 

I am very inspired by the graphic design industry where my roots began and have a passion for exploring different quilting techniques and applying them to modern designs. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to share these techniques with quilters around the world through this blog and my online classes. I encourage you as a quilter to challenge yourself, to try new things and to approach quilting with a fearless attitude.

Personal Update

I started Pile O' Fabric in 2012 and it became my full time job for years. You will notice in 2017 my blog posts became almost non-existent. Around, 2018 I moved back to my home town during some very difficult personal trials and went back to working full time as a front end developer which I still do now in 2021. I still quilt from time to time usually making gifts for family, but not much for blogging or patterns. I chose to keep Pile O' Fabric up online as an archive of past patterns and blog tutorials.