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Freezer Paper Sheets - 50 pack

from C. Jenkins

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Freezer Paper is classically used to wrap meat in butcher shops, however it is a fabulous, very helpful supply to have in your sewing room as well! Freezer Paper has one side which is waxy and one side which is paper. It can be ironed to fabric, removed and re-ironed over and over, making it the perfect paper for sewing templates.

Typically you can find plain ole' Renyolds Freezer Paper at your local grocery store, but be careful because Renyold's Freezer Paper can shrink after it is heated and could shrink the size of your quilting project. These pre-cut, pre-shrunk industrial 8-1/2"X11" or 12" x 15" freezer paper sheets include a special coating for better adhesiveness to fabrics with a very low heat from any household iron; made from a 54lb paper (over twice the weight of standard freezer paper) to prevent rolling and curling in your ink-jet printer. Each package includes 50 sheets.

These sheets can be used with the Raceway PDF quilt pattern.

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C. Jenkins

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